Who is the Versatilist

Ken Cropped small

Dr. Salchow is currently the senior program manager for professional certification at F5 Networks. He received his Bachelor’s from MN School of Business (IT, 2006), and his MBA (IS Management, 2011) and DBA (Strategy and Innovation, 2016) from Capella University.

His dissertation Evaluating expertise of knowledge workers through structural dimensional analysis of mental representation (SDA-M) explored the effects of knowledge as the progenitor to business success (including strategic innovation), as well as investigated an innovative approach to assess and objectively measure “expertise” given the dearth of reliable measures currently.

Personally, his focus is on the evaluation and development of expert performance among knowledge workers as the source of strategic innovation in globally competitive markets. Professionally, his current focus is on elevating the value and credibility of technology certifications and developing reliable measures of said value for participants, sponsors, and employers.