An Overview of the Innovation Strategy Framework (ISF)

The Innovation Strategy Framework (ISF) is a compilation of decades of business experience, academic research, and practical application.  Dissecting the many models of innovation and strategy frameworks and combining them together with the ideas of dynamic organizational capabilities brings new light to developing a means of creating a dynamic innovation strategy capability within the organization.  This takes into account the many sources of innovation, the fact that different types of innovation require different processes, an agile development methodology, and the organizational culture and commitments necessary to make innovation as much a standard business function as IT, HR, Marketing, or Finance.


The Innovation Strategy Framework

The ISF is broken down in the following posts:

  1. The Building Blocks of Innovation;
  2. The Innovation Strategy Framework;
  3. The People of Innovation;
  4. The Processes of Innovation;
  5. The Culture of Innovation;
  6. How Strategy and Innovation work together; and,
  7. The Innovation Pipeline.

Like any framework, the ISF is a guide both as a tool to understand what capabilities an organization is missing, as well as to how these capabilities work together to create an environment of innovation.  This is not about a single innovation, but successful serial innovation from minor sustaining innovation of existing products/services through the development of truly disruptive and groundbreaking innovation that shapes whole new industries; both are essential.

Comments, questions, and flat-out debate are welcome (that’s how innovation works).

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